Papyr CMSCustom and Extendable Websites

Stop re-solving problems

Papyr websites come with all kinds of features for both the back and front ends of your websites, so you do not have to build out the same stuff every time. It is also built on the Next.js framework, so it is extremely easy to extend and customize to your needs!

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  • Fully featured

    Fully featured

    Why reinvent the wheel for every new project? Papyr comes with authentication, customizable content, and much more!Read More

  • Modern tech

    Modern tech

    Papyr was built on newer tech than other platforms, which provides a better developer and end-user experience.

    Read More
  • Free but scalable

    Free but scalable

    Papyr leverages several platforms which all provide free services. You only pay once you need to scale.

    Read More

Where to go from here

  • To download the code for yourself, click here.
  • To have a look at the code on Github, click here.
  • To read instructions about how to set up a site for yourself, click here.
  • To have a look at an example website using most of the features Papyr offers, click here.
  • To ask questions, click here.